COVID-19 has multiplied desperation for the poorest. Some now feel their only option is to sell one of their children or themselves so the rest of their family can survive. Your gift will help stop this tragedy by providing families with food packs. One food pack costs $30 and provides one family with basic food supplies for a month. Thank you for protecting lives!


All gifts are tax deductible as allowed by USA IRS regulations. 

If you’ve chosen to give monthly we are very grateful, as are those whose lives you will be touching. Each month your gift will go to help protect families affected by the Covid-19 crisis from exploitation. When this crisis no longer presents a serious threat, Extreme Love Ministries will continue to use your monthly gifts to meet other pressing needs in the same slum community so that your impact will continue to protect those most at risk. You can end or change your monthly commitment (or switch your gift to another project) at any time by contacting us.

Thank you.

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